This far, I’ve created JReader, an article reader for practicing reading Japanese.

Having learned English as a second language I believe exposure is of utmost importance to learning a language. The more we consume it, the more we understand it.

The problem with Japanese, the barrier to entry is just too high. Trying to read a Manga you’ll find figuring out a word in Kanji, looking it up by radicals in the dictionary, will take 5-10 minutes. That completely breaks the flow of reading and kills your enthusiasm.

So JReader does this differently. I hope to provide easy to read content, in small chunks, that you can easily look up in dictionary if in doubt. 

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Written by Japanese

Our articles are written by actual Japanese people and relate to actual Japanese topics. It covers everything from personal experiences living in Japan to language to culture.

It's fast

The articles are short as to be able to be read without completely tiring you out. They’re also graded by the infamous JLPT scale.

All the words are adorned with Furigana, read helpers, checked for correctedness by our native authors.


You’ve got a dictionary right in there. I find the Kindle dictionary invaluable when I read complicated books and I wanted to bring the same thing to the experience of practicing Japanese. This saves loads of time looking up words by radicals.


My dream with Japps is to make this the one go-to platform for learning Japanese. Having spent almost 15 years studying Japanese I know there are so many good sources out there and I want to make it easier to find them. That’s the next step on my journey. If you’re willing to help out? Join me in my quest! Join me on Facebook and reach out to me in DM and we’ll chat further!

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The main point of JReader is to share original, easy to read articles. If you want to sneak a peak without downloading the app

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